M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) –
Support groups for people who have family members who have been killed or injured in a drunk driving crash. Meets last Tuesday of each month at 6pm on Howe Avenue. No fees. Call them at (916) 921-6233 or visit their website at

Alcoholics Anonymous –

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 24 hour hotlines: (916) 454-1100 Sacramento 781-2763 Roseville 272-6287 Nevada County Free meetings, call for times and locations. Have a pencil ready, you may get a recorded message with meeting times. A welcoming friendly group where you can be anonymous. You do not have to talk, you can just listen. This is a wonderful resource also because you can get a “sponsor” – someone to work with you one-on-one as a peer.

Al-Anon –
Al-Anon Counterpart to AA. This group is for friends or family members of someone with a drinking problem. Free. In Sacramento, call (916) 334-2970. In Placer County, call (530) 88803645.

Al-Anon Adult Children –
Al-Anon Adult Children Free meetings for adults raised in alcoholic homes. In Sacramento, call (916) 334-2970

Chemical Dependency
Chemical Dependency Center for Women –
Support groups and workshops on issues related to problems and prevention of chemical dependency. Also parenting classes and grandparents support groups. Sliding scale fees and they also take MediCal. Call their office at (916) 448-2951 or email them at

LifeRing –
This is a non-12 step approach to recovery with numerous local meetings. They are based on total abstinence, are peer led, and not affiliated with any religious beliefs.

Narcotics Anonymous –
Narcotics Anonymous Sacramento hotline: (916) 732-2299

Narcotics Anonymous – Placer County
Meets Fridays at 7pm at the Sierra First Baptist Church. No fees. Contact person is Nancy Goodman at (530) 389-2168.

Rational Recovery Systems, Inc. –
An alternative to the 12-step approach. This approach does not believe addiction is a disease. They believe it is lack of information on how to quit. For more information call Lois at (530) 621-2667 or call 800-303-CURE or visit their website at

WellSpace Health –
Groups for all drug-using individuals and inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment provided. In addition, physicians and medical staff offer general health care, pregnancy, and midwife services. WellSpace Health accepts some medical insurance, including Medi-Cal and Medicare. Call their office at 916-737-5555.

Debtors Anonymous –
For men and women with a desire to stop using any forms of unsecured debt, to stay solvent and help others achieve solvency. Call (916) 349-7093 for local meeting times.

Loving Our Bodies
Support group for those with an eating disorder including bulemia, anorexia, overeating. Weekly meetings for 90 minutes. Private, trained leader. Fees on a sliding scale. Contact Deborah Cohen at (916) 491-1216.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
For men and women who suffer from overeating, under eating, bulimia, or obsession with food or body size and have a desire to stop using food addictivly. Call 408-491-9824 or visit our website their website at for local meeting times.

Compulsive Eaters Anonymous –
12-step group for anyone who eats compulsively. No fee – goodwill donation. Call (916) 773-2149 for meeting times.

TOPS (Take Off Weight Sensibly) –
TOPS: Helping people reach and maintain doctor-prescribed weight goals. Meetings at many locations. Free. 1-530-527-7541.

OA Overeater’s Anonymous –
OA : Overeater’s Anonymous follows a 12-step approach. Free. OA HOW approach: 916-733-2149 OA : 916-349-7144.

See also “Obesity” on resources page

Gamblers Anonymous –
12-step support group for compulsive gamblers. Evening and day meetings. Call answering service at (916) 447-5588.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous –
12-step group for those who have compulsive needs for sex or attachment. Also have groups for partners. Various locations of group. No cost – free will donation. Call their message phone at (916) 552-1442.