Learning Disabilities

LD Adult Support Group Support, info and referrals for adults with learning disabilities. Facilitated by Marilyn Hatch, Educational Therapist. No fees. Call Marilyn at (530) 677-5711.

LD Parents Support Group Also facilitated by Marilyn Hatch at (530) 677-5711. No fees. This group is for parents of children with learning disabilities.

Brainasium – www.brainasiumworks.com
Brainasium is a learning center (not a tutoring center) that works with parents and schools to help struggling children learn more effectively. They use academic, occupational, listening, and sensory therapies. If your child has a hard time being in sync with others and the world around him, he (or she) may have some sort of sensory processing challenge. This is an important piece of the puzzle that traditional evaluators often miss. For more information, visit their website or call them at (916) 780-1818.